1991, 1995. 13th MOON, Vol. 9, 13

In addition to bringing The Little Magazineto the University at Albany in 1990, poet/professor/editor Judith Emlyn Johnson helped usher 13th Moon to SUNY Albany in 1991. Dean Francine Frank and Vice President for Research Jeanne Gullahorn helped the Women’s Studies and English department create a new home for the literary journal. 

During my time at U at Albany, favorite issues were the ones devoted to Ethel Schwabacher (Volume IX, Numbers 1 & 2) and Avant-Garde Writing (Volume XIII, Numbers 1 & 2). Kudos to the managing editors of those issues: Wilma Kahn and Catherine Sustana.

I love thinking of Schwabaacher’s “Antigone” (1971) next to Carolee Schneemann “Fresh Blood: A Dream Morphology (1990). Their reinvention of women’s mythologies reverberated through contributors’ work. 

I was lucky to have several poems from my collection Cultivating Excess in Volume IX and the piece “Reading Chora? (A Condensed Duet)” in Volume XIII. The duet was a textjam of Rachel Blau DuPlessis’ (via Kristeva) “Language Acquisition” and Jorie Graham’s “Self Portrait as Demeter & Persephone.”