This slide show samples some of the encaustic dioramas feature in LIGHT EACH PAUSE. Poems and images previously appeared in online literary magazine: and Really 

In LIGHT EACH PAUSE, playful seriousness works through and against disaster. Laughing at death? I love the movement between visual and textual, the blurring of those boundaries in the materials of the puppets’ “stage,” the integration of so much thinking, reading, threading through this “staging” of argument. The puppets themselves are absurd, minimalist stand-ins for “us,” awash in seas of circumstance, choice, history, and critical mass (of those “negligible” sets), still wielding our small skills/tools (a pole, a bridge, a ladder, wit) against the monumental (and dehumanizing) forces in which we are embedded and complicit. Absurd, sweet, hapless, hope(lessly)ful of our own finitude’s resistance to erasure, rowing a boat into night on the tides of the neglected.                                        — Marthe Reed

Available at Spuyten Duyvil . Poems and images by Lori Anderson Moseman.