In March of 2015, Lori Anderson Moseman sent out postcards of her home in the Shawangunks. Friends poked, singed, sewed, scraped, inked and painted her ice images into an uncanny conversation that became MARMeredith Stricker worked in California; Edric Mesmer joined forces with Elizabeth Switzer in Buffalo. Brandi Katherine Herrera and Zachary Schomburg, in Burgundy on a residency, sent cards to Liz Mehl, Veronica Martin and Coleman Stevenson in Portland. In the slide show above, "silence pours into an empty vessel" is by Stricker and the other bird-shape marring is by  Mesmer and  Switzer. Anderson Moseman captured this postcard exchange in book form. That facsmile and the originals are housed at The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, in a box created at the No. 3 Reading Room in Beacon. Fifty copies of the book were made. The edition is sold out.