LINTEL | GUNWALE's dual column poems paddle in dragon boat formation, spanning the globe. Qu Yuan meets St. George as dervishes whirl about mourning dove nestlings. Written while Anderson Moseman trained the Gorges Dragons of Ithaca, NY, these poems document a range endeavors in which human try to sync their breathing to work as a coordinated whole. Written in anticipation of a journey to Egypt, these diary entries examine biomimicry implicit in the very myths that words carry as ready cargo.

This limited edition from Lute & Cleat is sold out.

Excerpts from Lori Anderson Moseman's dragonboat diaries, LINTEL | GUNWALE are featured in PEEP/SHOW... A Taxonomic Exercise in Textual and Visual Seriality

Kathleen Hayek's monoprint "Revelation" graces the cover of LINTEL | GUNWALE. This print is part of Goloborotko Studio's 20th Anniversary Limited Edition portfolio. Lori Anderson Moseman wrote a prologue for that catalogue.