Lori Anderson Moseman is a singularly rigorous poet in the “hocus pocus she practices.” In FLASH MOB, a commanding cast of characters—Dot, Zahlen, Astrolady, Cindergal, Badgemaker, Scout Halo-foot, Pearl, Silversort, Readymade Ancestor, and Grandma No Legs (just to name a few)—gather on the page with teeth-rattling energy. Within a context of climate change, Fukushima, Hungary’s border, fires in the US west, gunmen, and the Egyptian revolution, their voices assemble patterns to create a space in our world worth occupying “as if their constellation could map the way to some we.” How do we negotiate all the violence against human beings and our planet? The last line of the collection counsels: “Moonshine’s advice is best: settle on tender voles, polish vowels. Give a hoot.”                                                          — Deborah Poe

Cover art by Karen Pava Randall

Available at Spuyten Duyvil

Some poems in this collection first appeared as artist books and chapbooks or in art catalogues:

FULL QUIVER, see Propolis Press

HOST, see Nouz Not

CREATION, see Goloborotko Studios