Lori Anderson Moseman's WALKING THE DEAD won Heaven Bone Press' International Chapbook Competiton in 1990. The poems mingle with superb illustrations by Noel Grunwaldt.

These poems resurface again in CULTIVATING EXCESS which won The Eighth Mountain Poetry Prize in 1992.  

"This poetry humps through the earth on a fast caterpillar of fire. I love to have my breath taken away, to laugh or tear up at the sheer energy of physical life and to feel more than one feeling at a time. And I love poetry the uses strong, disciplined forms to compress and then release the power of a rangy, exploratory mind willing to grapple with nearly anything. A fine new lesbian poet, exciting and full of bite!"  —Judy Grahn

The two gems  in WALKING THE DEAD that did not reappear in CULTIVATING EXCESS were "Song of the Mortician's Tub" and "Why St. Francis Failed as a Ventriloquist."

"If he found a shadowbox of sliced violas / accumulation on red velvet stringless for art's sake / (music having said: bad viola, bad), would he hear / their harmony, their 'God All Nature Sings Thy Glory' / anyway? Because of what they once were. "

Copies still available here.