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Lori Anderson Moseman is an all-terrain vehicle. In ALL STEEL, she asks us to put on our best explorer's boots and trek with her to the edges of form and textuality. Charon's name is said soft like the Rose of Sharon (21). The landscape is historical, feminist, eco-fabled, mythological, playful. The tools to cross it are agricultural, industrial, hand-held. The language of tools here feels like love. Moseman tells us we are fragments of larger stories; her language is rich enough to grow crops in these associative soils. 1,000 store-bought [[over-the-fence Barbie clothes cop's binocs silk appaloosa SEE skin-n-bones (34). We might be at once newcomers to the plain states and their wide aproning skies; and park rangers laying down new trails; and forest rangers surveying damage, inner and outer. Horses, elk, coke bottles run amuck in and over this Wild West text. Moseman sews/sows coals across a linen typography and we follow her burning trail. Will we be okay? "ocarina rendering us / gold / finch flutter (87)." Our Anderson Mosemanic odyssey is perilous, essential. And we are laughing along with her magnificent sense of wonder.     — Anne Gorrick

Poems from this collection are featured in the anthologies:

 Oh One Arrow 

The Ecopoetry Anthology

Forest Under Story: Creative Inquiry in an Old-Growth Forest.

Click here to hear Lori reading from ALL STEEL at and the Yes Reading Series in Albany, NY.