Poets Deborah Poe, Lisa Wujnovich, Katie Yates, Laura E. J. Moran, and Lori Anderson Moseman write poems in response to Sheila Goloborotko’s prints. This visual poetic exchange was made into a book by Goloborotko and Hui Chen Ou Yang. 

The prints were made in honor of Goloborotko's mentor: "I am forever thankful to Krishna Reddy whose groundbreaking work introduced me to revolutionary printmaking approaches that influenced and continues to change my personal oeuvre. Krishna showed me that there are no limits in printmaking."

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Slideshow: Commissioned in 1991 by Brooklyn College Press, Sheila Goloborotko made color viscosity prints under the tutelage of sculptor/printmaker Krishna Reddy. Goloborotko layered zinc plates with asphalt then sculpted it. Adept with dremels, needles, roulettes and buries, Goloborotko carved the sun, earth, moon and stars as she encountered them in Cherokee, Wasco and Snoqualmie oral traditions. Then, she let acid eat. Myth materialized as gesture. In the intaglio tradition, she spreads ink then wipes the slate clean. She inks and cleans, reinventing totems as she goes, rolling color in differing densities.