This artist book is a collaboration with Karen Pava Randall, a book artist dedicated to publishing contemporary, innovative poetry. Below is an excerpt of her description  FULL QUIVER available from Propolis Press.  

FULL QUIVER, composed of ten interlinking narrative prose poems by Lori Anderson Moseman, queries the essential nature of the book and its attendant writing systems. Each of the poems in FULL QUIVER (with the exception of the poetic epilogue) is accompanied by a Luwian Hieroglyph and a QR code which will lead readers to one of these subsequent web pages. The Luwian Hieroglyphics are not unlike modern day emoticons in that some of them are immediately translatable, but like the Japanese emoji, the meanings of some of Luwian logograms and syllable glyphs are less obvious. Luwian was a Bronze Age language spoken in Anatolia, from roughly 1700 to 600 BCE. The Luwian writing system has been translated by scholars from texts where the hieroglyphs were accompanied by cuneiform equivalents. What remains of the Luwian writings are those that were carved into stone, but even many of these are fragmented.

— Karen Randall