The poetry chapbook HOST introduces readers to Zahlen. An integer, Zahlen has "hypotenuses in her hip pocket"  and tries to channel light, to feed the infinite family of pairs, believing equity is extreme weather.

But really..."Who is Zahlen? A woman, a girl, a set of numerals or all numbers, integers. An undefined quantity. Anderson Moseman integrates her, places Zahlen into the world: a system of numeric signs out on a date, climbing ladders, planting radishes. Zahlen on horseback drawing owl faces, calculating Pythagorean triples and okra. The garden is a space of particular pleasure. Anderson Moseman asks: what do numbers do, when they're out on their own."      — Marthe Reed

Host was published by Nous-zōt Press, founded and run by the late Marthe Reed. The cover was designed by Marthe's son Zeke Kalish.  Since Marthe Reed died unexpectedly on April 10, 2018, copies of HOST are no longer available. 

Readers who delight in zany Zahlen will be glad to know she reappears in Lori Anderson Moseman's FLASH MOB where she still "collects abaci from every century" hoping "to wed compulsions (Capitalism + Christmas.)