PERSONA is a constellation of voices: Subway Bride struggles after 9/11; Bog Girl resurrects bones from peat bogs;  Canoehead carries her craft in waterless places.  Utterance funnels through divergent poetic sieves in a collection populated by literary critics and game show hosts, biospheric scientists and fish scalers. PERSONA is available from Swank Books.

Canoehead  poems  were literal portages turned into video poems that amass into a one woman show, "How I Became Canoehead."  Anderson Moseman performed at iEAR Studios and at Banff's Centre for the Arts. Enjoy the slide show of some of Canoehead's adventures.

Cover Art is a paining by Rebecca Szeto.

"Sacrifice is not an option in the American performance artist and poet Lori Anderson Moseman. Through a number of poems, twelve in all, with titles such as "Bad Bones," "Bog Girl On Belay," "Badland Babes" and "Bog Girl Goes Bowling," ranging from concrete poetry, over traditional prose poems to hyper poetry, Anderson Moseman stages Heaney's "little adulterer" Windeby Girl as a both unpretentious and self-confident Bad Bog Babe who responds to the projections that she and other bog bodies have been submitted to. Lori Anderson Moseman is concerned both with the materiality of the bog body and with its potential for posing questions about the subject. She is not glossing over the surreal, bizarre or anachronistic in the remains. Yet while she holds on to a perceived sense of unreality and artificially projected personas, she also sees in them aspects of our humanity.   — Karin Sanders, Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination.