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"Lori Anderson Moseman’s meditation 'Y' leads us from the hula-hooping body shaking off its rusts, to an enervated America that ominously looks to Cold War solutions while waters rise. Shimmy AND shimmer. As 'Y' crumbles, so does democracy. Maybe. Gender as Mobius Strip, the body rusts from the inside out, bones threaten to topple (like Frida’s in her painting The Broken Column”), but the cure resides in spirals, circles. The book turns in on itself, gathering along the way, gender in it’s swiveling baskets. 'Y' makes me rethink Orion in the sky, joy in the rhythmic tap of hula-hoop against rust belt. You will find your hips in this book: circuit, enclosure, zodiac, wreath, crown. '....a single body is not enough.'"- Anne Gorrick

"Yo zillion pilgrims, Lori Anderson Moseman’s 'Y' will transmogrify your hopeless chromosome. Text as performance installation, activist play practice, and you could be anyone in the colony working against collapse. There are daily exercises. Say what: be the insides of a peace sign seen from space, weep to believe in democracy, do what you can in the meanwhile. Keep keeping on – is Y, oh Y – words to live." - Mk (aka Matthew Klane)

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Sample poems at La Presa and Really System